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Hackers working to support increased fiscal justice

What can tech do for tax justice?

How can we use technology to better support the work towards better fiscal systems and the citizens they effect? Sue Moore takes us through a recent hackathon in Kenya, run with this goal in mind,...

Participants of a session on how to empower women to take part in political life as part of Oxfam's AMAL programme in Yemen. Credit: Thana Faroq/Oxfam

Real geek: Out in the open, Oxfam’s impact evaluation survey data now available for download

Through the effectiveness reviews, Oxfam collects a large amount of individual and household survey data. In this blog, we explain why we are making these data available, and where to find them. ...

Volunteers being trained on mobile devices

Cleaning up complexity: making information useful for all

In 2015 Oxfam was awarded a Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) grant to support field staff to capture (currently undocumented) informal feedback which is received face-to-face by creatively...

Tondo slum in Manila, Philippines, 2014

Inequality and violence

In this blog Deborah Hardoon explores the wider social impact of inequality, and in particular the relationship between inequality and violence. ...

fiscal justice global track record

Fighting inequality through tax and budget work

OPINION:  Today Oxfam and its partners releases the Fiscal Justice Global Track Record, a report on advancing rights through tax and budget work. Below are several commentaries...

Data example, realgeek

Real geek: I’ve got the power! Calculating statistical power for matching models by simulation

REAL GEEK: Opinions on research, measurement and evaluation Calculating statistical power - or working out how many people to interview before a survey - can be a challenge, especially if...

Barbara collects water from the Zambezi river, Zambia. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith

Tax transparency and the developing world

This blog lays out how the global corporate tax system affects the developing world and why ActionAid, Christian Aid and Oxfam are calling for change in their recent paper, Getting to Good: Towards...

Oxfam Brazil interviewing their partner at AWID

'We want recognition of our uniqueness' - Interview with Criola NGO in Brazil

OPINION: Oxfam recently attended the 13th international AWID Forum, a unique space for women's rights organization and feminist movements to come together. We took this opportunity to...

Women collecting firewood. Asbuli Kebele, Erer Woreda, Siti Zone, March 2016. (Photo credit: Luisa Dietrich)

Institutionalising Gender in Emergencies: Ethiopia Gender Analysis

Understanding needs and context is vital in an emergency response. A crucial, and often overlooked, factor in this is gender. Here, Steph Avis, introduces the first of a series of reports from the...

real geek blog series

Unleash the real geeks

REAL GEEK: Opinions on research, measurement and evaluation Simone Lombardini introduces our new series 'real geek', Research, Evaluation and Adaptive Learning (Generating Evidence...

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