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Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA)

Leake Borana carrying corn in Ethiopia

At a glance

ACCRA aims to improve climate change adaptation decision making and support communities' agency and resilience.


Successful climate change adaptation relies upon those communities most at risk of climate hazards and vulnerability having the capacity to adapt. The Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance exists to help make this possible. 

ACCRA has been working in Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique since 2009, supporting governments, civil society and the wider development community to integrate climate change adaptation and resilience into their policy and practice. The ACCRA alliance is made up of Oxfam GB, ODI, Save the Children International, Care International and World Vision International. Oxfam is the ACCRA lead internationally and in Ethiopia.

Our approach

ACCRA's contribution is shaped by an integrated approach to achieving change, made up of three nationally-led components, research, capacity building and advocacy:


ACCRA has developed the Local Adaptive Capacity Framework and is now building on the framework to produce evidence that demonstrates how to incorporate adaptive capacity into development programming. Different action-oriented research tools have been developed and tested across the 3 focus countries, such as the Resilience Game which is designed to help stakeholders think about flexible forward looking decision making. 

Capacity Building

ACCRA is implementing capacity-building activities to support the climate change adaptation policy and practice of government actors at a national level and in selected focus districts. ACCRA is also conducting a series of training sessions for civil society organisations. The programme's innovative, evidence-based model of capacity building has been supported and scaled up by national and local governments and civil society. Influential stakeholders are targeted following an advocacy analysis.


Advocacy and influencing strategies have been designed in response to national stakeholder's assessments of each country's climate change adaptation opportunities, challenges and gaps. The countries have been supported internationally with learning exchanges, learning from other programmes and a methodology based on understanding power and change. ACCRA is also working with international and national civil society members to formulate a global ask on adaptation.

Find out more

Visit the ACCRA website, sign up to the ACCRA newsletter and join our group to receive regular updates.

The ACCRA climate resilience game

In November 2012, the ACCRA Uganda team visited the district of Kotido to play a game with district officials on the principle of Flexible and Forward Decision Making.

Weather forecasting in Uganda

To improve on agricultural planning, ACCRA is working with the department of meteorology to make weather forecasting more accessible to farming communities in Uganda.

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