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Max Lawson

Max Lawson

Head of Global Policy and Campaigns

Office Location: Oxford, UK

Max is Head of Global Policy and Campaigns at Oxfam GB. The team comprises of three groups focusing on humanitarian and conflict issues, financing for development, and campaigning.

Previously, Max was Head of Development Finance and Public Service, leading Oxfam International's policy work on development finance and on education and health. He studied at the University of Sussex in the UK, and lived and worked for three years in South Africa and then in Malawi. 

Max has worked for Oxfam GB since 2002, firstly in policy support to country programmes, and then in advocacy and campaigns. As part of his country support he has visited and worked with over 25 country programmes across the world. He has experience in organisational development, tax, structural adjustment, aid quantity and quality, macro-economics, governance, agriculture policy, social protection, HIV and AIDS, health, education and water.

In his work for campaigns and advocacy, he has specialised in the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund), and also on the G8 and G20. He was heavily involved in the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005 and is currently playing a key role in the campaign for a Financial Transaction Tax, or the 'Robin Hood Tax'.

Max recently went head-to-head with Stephen Davies from the Institute of Economic Affairs in an online debate on the value of overseas aid. You can read the full debate on the Speakers' Corner Trust website.

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